Ulrich specialises in the manufacture and assembly of excavator arms, buckets and front loading shovels, specifically designed for military defence vehicles.

Our attachments, which have been constructed in partnership with our sister company, have been deployed around the world, enabling military teams to optimise their resources using purpose-designed, interchangeable vehicular tools.

From clearing mines and IESs, to removing or building bridges, our Ulrich military attachments have been manufactured to the most exacting standards, guaranteeing their performance in the most challenging and dangerous environments.

Quick Coupler Frame

A simple attachment of the Ulrich Quick Coupler Frame to the arms of a wheeled loader can enable operators to change the front implement in fewer than two minutes.


An Ulrich Forklift Attachment can transform a military wheeled loader into a rough terrain forklift, simply and effectively. Available in three versions, the standard fork is complemented by a hydraulic carriage side shift variation – designed to allow accurate load placement, whilst the third model features carriage side shift and

Multipurpose Bucket

The ‘Ulrich Simplex’ Multipurpose Bucket enables military vehicle operators to dig and load material, doze, back grade, back fill trenches, grab objects, and increase the loaders discharge height by bottom dumping material.

Front Ripper

This unit gives military wheeled loaders the capability to break up hard compacted ground prior to excavation.

Hydraulic Drive Winch

Essential for providing military loaders with full capability, the ‘Boughton H’ Series Hydraulic Drive Winch enables self-recovery of the vehicle if it gets bogged down, or needs to recover other disabled vehicles or awkward shaped obstacles.

The winch can either be fitted to the rear of a ‘Z’ bar linkage wheeled loader, or front mounted on parallel linkage loaders.