Choosing the right tools for the job can make all the difference when it means delivering results. That’s why we’ve designed a range of general purpose buckets so you can pick the best option to suit the majority of your applications.

Straight-edge Bucket

For general purpose load and carry applications that involve the re-handling of loose material and aggregates, our Ulrich Straight-edge Bucket presents itself as a reliable ‘all-round’ shovel. With a bucket body constructed from 550N/mm2 tensile and 385N/mm2 yield steel, and cutting edges and wear plates made using 450/560 Brinell Hardness steel, it’s as hardwearing as it is dependable.

Straight-edge Heavy Duty Bucket

Our Straight-edge Heavy Duty Bucket variation has been manufactured using 1250N/mm2 tensile and 1000N/mm2 yield steel, with cutting edges and wear plates fabricated from 450/560 Brinell Hardness steel; a perfect vessel for heavy duty load and rock carrying applications, and for breaking material from banks.

Straight-edge Light Material Bucket

Made using 550N/mm2 tensile and 385N/mm2 yield steel, with cutting edges and wear plates manufactured from 450/560 Brinell Hardness steel, this is an ideal bucket for most load and carry applications. Its 800 Kg/m³ capacity makes it a choice solution for re-handling materials such as sawdust, woodchips, snow and coke.