Case Study – Ensus

"The attachments are the workhorses of our operation and have to be completely fit for purpose. They make the essential re-handling tasks possible so it’s critical for us that they are the best possible quality. [...]

Case Study – Material Change

"The refurbished compost forks are working like new and we expect a further 6000 hours of working life out of these units. Ulrich has been extremely helpful and the service from the company is always excellent. We’ve subsequently [...]

Case Study – Powerday

A familiar player on the London waste and recycling scene, Powerday Ltd, operates the largest, most efficient Materials Recycling Facilities (MRFs) in Southern England. The newest plant opened in Enfield in 2015 following a multi-million [...]

  • Hulk Bull Handling High Tip Bucket

Case Study – Hull Bulk Handling

We’ve been using Ulrich buckets since 2006 when we bought our first unit on test and they are now part of our standard specification on every new machine. The product is well designed and made [...]